Talents on Display

This section is for kids to display their talents. If you are a kid, or the parent of a kid with a skill that you are interested in sharing, contact us and we will add a video / photos + a short description of the skill to the showcase. Some children and adults with autism exhibit unique skills and exceptional abilities that can be directly related to their diagnosis. These skills may include: o   Exceptional long-term memory (an ability to recall, in detail, events that happened months or years ago).  o   An ability to perceive shapes and patterns quicker than people without autism. o   Learning to read at a very early age (known as hyperlexia)  o   Excel in academic areas such as science, engineering and mathematics (logical subjects that do not rely on social interaction). o   Being precise and detail orientated. o   An ability to excel at creative out of the box thinking. o   Memorize and learn information quickly. o   Better at spotting mistakes due in part to an ability to concentrate for a long time on a repetitive task o   A drive for perfection and order.

Animation by Nicky:  "Angry birds are awesome"